South Downs Way – 28 Dec 2012


As I was going to be spending a few days in Sussex after Xmas I planned a long run using the nearby South Downs Way as a route.

I started out at 8:30 on Wed 28th in My KSO Treks and my Camelbak (with a few bloks and munches) put on my head torch and headed out the door. It looked like it may rain and as I would have to run 5 miles due south just to get to the downs I packed a waterproof as well.

It was a quiet run through Glyndebourne and Glynde before I hit the steep climb up and on to the Downs. Once on top it was clear and the path heading East to Alfriston was obvious.
I passed a few walkers but no runners for the next hour before descending into Alfriston (a downhill run I would regret 10 minutes later when I had to climb back up).

If I was looking for a quaint pub for lunch then Alfriston looked like the place but alas I wasn’t. A quick look at the Church and I was heading back up on to the Downs towards Lewes.


I could see the radio transmitter mast for miles so I knew where I would have to leave the high tranquility of the Downs and descend, back to sharing my path with cars.

Still feeling strong I continued through the last 2 villages, stopping briefly to put on a jacket as the rain made an appearance 2 miles before the end.

It was a great run, not fast, but after over 4 hours of running, 21 miles and 2,000 foot of climbing I still felt I could carry on.

Here’s the Garmin Data:

A good training run and the start of my build up for the 50 mile Paris trail run in March.

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