Bushy 7 mile run – 24th Jan 2012

It was a bit late when I finally got out for a run, about 9:30pm so I decided to do my 7 mile circuit that brings me back through Bushy park. I donned my kit including headtorch and set off. It was a bit damp underfoot but not raining so it looked like I’d have dry feet in my sandals.

My training is all aimed towards my Ultras in March and June so is focussed on maintaining a low heart rate to increase fat burning, whilst keeping glycogen consumption to a minimum (you only store enough glycogen for around 18 -20 miles then you hit “the wall” the results of which are fairly common to see in marathons) which is pretty much the only way to survive endurance races. So once my heart rate had settled down after the usual first mile “spike” I settled comfortably into a 10:30 minute/mile pace and a heart rate of around 60% (max HR – resting HR) or 130 bpm. Not a pace to win any medals but one I can probably maintain for 50 odd miles without getting out of breath.

Anyway back to the run, it was roads and pavement until I got into Busy Park which by 10pm is closed to all traffic aside from pedestrians. Running through the park can be a bit unnerving as you keep getting pairs of eyes reflecting back your headtorch beam from the herds of deer that roam  the park. Its fine now, but during the rutting season you have to make sure you don’t run between a stag and his hinds, other wise your gentle run could turn into a sprint session! It is a very calm and tranquil place, away from the commotion of daily life, with just the quiet “pad pad pad” of my sandals.

Once back on the roads it was a fairly quiet run back home, with the usual tempting smell of curry as I pass an Indian restaurant in Hampton Hill (I keep thinking one day I must book a take away to pickup as I go past!).

Keen to take on fluids after my run, a gin & tonic went down very well with my rather late dinner.

: – )

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