Bushy parkrun -28th Jan 2012

Having had a pretty light week in the running department this week I decided to run down to Bushy, race, and run back afterwards, adding an extra 6 miles to my 5k race. It was dry and a bit chilly but I soon warmed up after a few hundred meters.

Bushy seemed quite busy but I didn’t realise how busy until the end. I was able to skip my usual warmup of 3 laps of the pond having run rather than taken the car.

I had a steady run round (wearing my Camelbak pack for practise) with time for a chat with a friend or two. It was still a bit muddy in places which I carefully avoided due to running in sandals as usual (mud and huaraches don’t mix).

With my usual sprint finish I crossed the line at 23:15 (clearly too much chatting on the way round), and was greeted by both funnels full and seemingly not moving. Pausing to ask the runner next to me to get a token for me I dropped out of the funnel and went back to help out the funnel marshals who were struggling to keep the finish line clear and accelerate the movement of runners through the funnel.

The final total number of runners was 914 which explains the stressed marshals.

Hopefully I’ll manage to get more training in this week and I’m dropping hints about another run to Windsor on Sunday which would be good. If I get approval I may volunteer for funnel on Saturday (to help sort out the teething problems) and just run there and back to get some exercise, we’ll see.

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