Bushy 7 mile run – 9th Feb 2012

After a few days rest from my 20 miler on Sunday I decided to go out once I finished driving duties. Guess what, it started snowing again.

Not to be beaten I headed of on my Bushy circuit, most of the snow wasn’t settling on the pavement so it wasn’t an issue, and my feet were warm with my Lunas and toesox.

When I turned into Bushy it was an amazing sight, the snow had settled on the grass and was making everything so much lighter it hardly seemed dark (it was 10:00pm). I was running on the road (closed to traffic) and with my headtorch reflecting back from the falling snow I almost ran into a deer stood in the middle of the road! The sound of Stag’s clashing antlers was coming from just beyond the trees and I could just make them out, two dark figures against the snow (must just be an argument as rutting finished months ago).

The snow continued falling for the rest of the run, I even had to brush it off before I went indoors after the run as I was covered in it.

parkrun on Saturday, and with pacers ……shall I go for a new PB (PR for you US folks) I wonder? I’ll see how the legs feel (and if it is snowing).






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