Bushy parkrun – 11th Feb 2012

With the cold spell we seem to be having I had decided to drive the 3 miles to Bushy parkrun, rather than run. A good decision when I saw the temperature gauge in the car, it was -10C! So after scraping the ice off the windscreen I headed down to Bushy, getting there at 8:10am pretty much before anyone else.

As usual it was a gorgeous morning in what must be my favourite London park. Even the “finish” tree (the finish is just to the right of the tree as indicated by the worn grass) looked stunning, and a worthy choice as the parkrun logo.

I was wearing my usual Luna ATS sandals and Toesox so it took me 3 laps of the pond before I started to be able to feel my toes! I left a warm top and my usual insulated flask of tea by the tree ready for my finish.

It was pacers day, but 21 minutes felt too fast on the icy ground and 23 minute too slow so I just ran by feel. I came in at 22:35 (49 secs off my PB) finishing with a head to head sprint over the last 100 metres with a guy who didn’t realise that years ago I measured where 100 metres from the finish is, and know I can go flat out for that distance (will usually hit 4:00-4:15 minute mile pace at fastest), and still push a second surge 10 metres out which will generally take out the competition. As usual it worked and felt good as the guy was at least 10 years younger than me. I ducked out of the funnel early (asked guy behind to get my token for me) and went to help the volunteers on the line as they were pretty busy with the usual 700+ runners.

You can see the finishing straight going diagonally from bottom left in the photo below (I love that tree).

It was also a special parkrun as it was Danny Norman’s 250th and so he joined the 250 club and was presented with the 250 club shirt, champagne & cakes.

Danny hosts “theparkrunshow” podcast on iTunes which is weekly every Monday and covers all things parkrun.

Well no long run for me on Sunday (I’ll try and negotiate for one next Sunday) but as I’m taking a few days off next week I will try and get in a few 14k runs, maybe even in the daylight.

4 weeks to go for the Bath Half marathon, and a further 2 weeks after that for the Paris EcoTrail 50 mile Trail Ultra. As my first Ultra it will be interesting to see how my Maffetone heart rate based training (hopefully) pays off. My target (aside from finishing) is to get under 11 hours, as it is a qualifying race for the Western States 100 (if you get under 11 hours), and although my chances of getting in are pretty minimal (it is limited to 380 places and so decided by lottery) it would be cool to at least be able to have a try.

Hell of a long way in sandals mind you!

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