Bushy 7 mile run – 13th Feb 2012

At last, a training run where I don’t have to wear 6 layers just to keep warm!

It was about +6C when James and I headed out for the Bushy 7 mile circuit at 8:30 last night. I hadn’t run with James for a while (he’d been leading a mountaineering expedition in Afghanistan) so my usual casual MAF pace went out of the window (which was quite a nice change really) and we spent the next hour chatting about his Ultra event he is organising Ring O’Fire and the races I have coming up.

I always find the first 10 minutes hard work when I go straight off without a warm up run first (or a slow start for the first mile) and this always shows on my heart rate which almost hits max (194) for the first 10 minutes after which it drops significantly. For parkruns I spend 20 minutes jogging round the pond in Bushy and head to the start a couple of minutes before the start. This results in a nice smooth HR curve, rather than a 10 min spike before it drops.

Hopefully I can get a long run in on Sunday, weather and family permitting.

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