Weybridge Ferry 20 mile run – 19th Feb 2012

After my run on Monday I finally caught the family cold so stopped running (just did kettle bells) in the hope that I would recover enough to be able to do a long run on Sunday.

Hurrah, my plan worked so at 7:45 I left the house to do a 20 mile run along the Thames Path to Weybridge Ferry and back, but this time I could wear my Luna Sandals as there wasn’t 2 inches of snow. My aim was to keep my HR under 70% which meant I’d be doing around 10:15 min/mile, good practice for my Ultra pace.

It was a chilly morning but the forecast was it would be sunny later so I just had a couple of layers along with water, bloks, warm top and a waterproof in my pack.

Bushy Park was quiet and the deer were only visible in the distance which makes a change from evenings when I have to run between them sometimes.

Running along the path in bright sunlight with no snow made it seem like a different place to 2 weeks ago, and the rowers were out in force making the most of it.

Just before the turn around I stopped to take a photo of a house on the other side of the river. It looked (to me) like something from the USA deep south and probably has some fascinating history.

On the way back I passed many houseboats but the one opposite by Hampton looked particularly nice. I could almost taste the cocktails at sundown. Especially the margaritas, for the salt if nothing else.

As I crossed Hampton Court bridge a glance across to Hampton Court (Henry VIII Palace) was restricted by the trees but you could still imagine the river procession as he travelled down from London surrounded by dozens if boats and music, all those hundreds of years ago.

Back through Bushy and home, for 11:45am, in time for toast and mug of tea.

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