River Crane 7 mile run – 23rd Feb 2012

After a few days off after Sundays 20 miler James & I met for an hours run last night at 8:30pm. I was wearing my VFF Bikilas as the back of my heel was a bit sensitive (I suspect I may have had the heel strap on my Lunas a bit too tight on Sunday).

It was a new route for me which took us along the River Crane into Twickenham, along the Thames to Richmond and back.


The run by the River Crane was quiet, with just the light from our head torches lighting the way. Once we left the river we had to cross the old cobbled path under the railway bridge and head on roads to the rail station. Then it was down to the River Thames which looked like it had flooded a bit earlier, judging by the debris on the road.

We then followed the Thames to Richmond, where were came back a little along the road before cutting back via the old cobbled road Church St which was once the main road to London.

Then it was back home along the road, a good 7 mile run and 1 hr well spent.

Now for dinner.

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