Bushy parkrun – 25th Feb 2012

I thought I’d have a go at getting closer to my PB (PR for any US folks) so I got down to Bushy early to get a good warm up.


It looked like a busy Saturday morning (turned out to be 835 runners) but it way dry, not too cold and reasonable underfoot. I had decided to wear my VFF KSO Trek’s to give the back if my right heel a rest (still sore from strap on my Lunas being too tight last Sunday).

I positioned myself 6 rows back from the start line and didn’t have to do too much dodging round other runners before the field started to spread out as we hurtled down the grass next to Chestnut Avenue. I did the first mile in 7:11 (so I knew I had a problem as it needed to be 7:00 to hit my PB). Mile 2 was also 7:11, and by mile 3 I had started to tire only clocking 7:25.

I sprinted the last 100 metres to try and regain some ground finishing in 22:17, best time this year but 31 seconds off my PB I set last year.

Looking at the HR data my warm up paid off as it was a nice smooth HR curve (no 1 mile spike followed by a drop when I am warmed up).

Need more practice on these short fast distances which is tricky when I am so focused on the upcoming Ultra.

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