Bushy 8 mile run – 4th March 2012

So with 1 week to go till Bath Half Marathon I had to stretch my legs for a few slow miles, but not too far.

I headed off on Sunday afternoon for a run wearing waterproofs as it had been raining for most of the day and was bound to start again when I was miles away.

It was around 5 deg C and I was only just warm enough with a T, long sleeved top and waterproof so I may have to add a few extras if it is this temperature in my Paris Trail Ultra at the end of the month.


Bushy was gorgeous as usual so rather than just run back through the middle I ran the parkrun course in reverse just to see what it looked like.

One creature didn’t look too pleased to see me so after a quick blurred photo I carried on (those antlers looked sharp).


It was a good run (keeping my heart rate at around 60% results in a 9:45 mile/minute time as I am aiming for a 10:30 mile/min pace for the Ultra) and I’m looking forward to Bath where I will see if all my heart rate driven training (Maffetone) pays off as I really want a new PB of around 1:45 (currently 1:48).

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