Bath Half Marathon – 11th March 2012

Well it’s race day at last. Phil and I drove to the Bath racecourse and got the coach down into Bath to avoid the traffic and parking/road closure issues that are caused by 12,000 runners descending on a city that is not car friendly at the best of times.

It was a mild morning with expected temperatures of around 14 degrees C later on so I’d taken a cap to run in.

I was intending to run with my Camelbak with 1.5 ltrs of water as practise for Paris.

The route is pretty fast and involves 2 laps before returning back to where you started. The start begins with a downhill stretch so you really have to hold back and try not to think about the uphill finish later!


I was wearing my Luna ATS sandals with the usual improvised chip holder.


Phil and I started together but soon got separated as he accelerated away into the distance.

I did the first mile in around 8:30 as intended (not much time or space to warm up when you are stuck in a field that big). The picture below shows people queuing to get to the start 3 minutes before the race begins.


I then increased my speed to between 8:00 -8:15 where I tried to keep it for the rest of the race.

I skipped all the feed stations and just sipped from my pack as needed (drank .5 ltr in total) and had a shot block about every 30 min. The cap was a good decision as it was sunny but shorts would have been better than my 3/4 tracksters.

Due to the 2 loops we have to keep to the left at 1 point as the leaders will overtake us. We saw the police outriders and heard the cheers before we saw Kenyan Edwin Kipkorir come past who went on to win in 64 minutes! Kenyan Edith Chelimo was the fastest woman in 71 min 25 secs. It really takes your breath away to see the speed and grace with which runners like that go past you. The rest of the runners were clapping and cheering as they flew past us.

My speed fluctuated between 8:10-8:25 generally, finishing in 1:50, not a PB/PR but as my training had been focused on distance not speed I wasn’t too concerned. My HR recovery looked good, dropping 50 beats in 2 minutes.

Injury wise I had a blister on my Mortons toe (my 2nd toe is longer than my big toe) on each foot so I must have been pushing off a bit uphill and maybe breaking downhill. I’ll probably tape them for Paris. I’m heading towards running Paris in my KSO Treks (better if muddy) but putting my Lunas in my Camelbak pack in case.

We left the beautiful city of Bath and headed back to Phil’s Dad’s house where a shower and full Sunday lunch was waiting for us, mmm delicious!


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