Bushy Park 10k training run & hydration – 11th April 2012

One thing I never got round to testing during my training for the EcoTrail Ultra was how much fluid my body actually uses per hour running. So after listening to Nutritionist & Ultra Runner Sunny Blende (http://www.eat4fitness.com/) on UltraRunner podcast (http://ultrarunnerpodcast.com/) I decided it was time for a test.

I weighed myself naked, went running for an hour, towelled myself dry, had a pee, and then got back on the scales. The result was a weight difference of 0.9 kilograms meaning I had lost almost a litre of fluid in an hour! That was running in the evening, at around 9:45 min/mile, HR of 60% and a bit chilly so I wore Toesox with my Luna’s.

I was a bit shocked, as even on EcoTrail I ran for 7.5 hours, in 22 degrees C, and probably drank only 2 or 3 litres (which may explain a few things alas).

Running “The Wall” 69 mile Ultra in June (http://thewallrun.com) in something like 18-20 hours means I will need to drink a hell of a lot, which is tricky as frankly the taste of water sucks, so I may have to look at Nuuns or something to a) make it taste better and b) get electrolytes back in.

Looks like I’ll be taking a drink with me for all runs an hour and over from now on.




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