Crediton run – 21st April 2012

As we were staying overnight with my friend Phil (on route to a wedding in North Devon) we decided to go for a run in the morning. It was Phil’s default run of around 7 miles and was pretty hilly by my standards (it explained how fast he was on the flat at Brighton marathon last weekend).

It was all roads (so my Luna’s were fine) and in the space of just over an hour we covered around 900ft of climb on winding Devon hills past small farms and rolling hills.


I made a point of sipping from my water bottle (I now always run with water) after finding out last week that I lose 1 litre of water for every hour running.

My quads felt the hills but it did seem that a week of kettlebell work had done something positive to them, so I shall continue with 100 swings per night and hope it pays dividends in June.

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