Croyde Coastal run – 22nd April 2012

I didn’t go “overboard” on the wine at the wedding on Saturday as I’d found a nice coastal path for a 5 mile run for the Sunday morning (ate loads though!).

The wedding was in a village in North Devon (Croyde), famous for its surfing, and my route took me along the coastal path which I hoped would be pretty quiet early on a Sunday morning.

I left the house at 8:30am wearing a waterproof (it just started to rain) and wearing my KSO Treks (as it looked like it was going to be pretty muddy), and carrying a water bottle. I reckoned I had about an hour before the rest of the house woke up.

The run started along the road, before turning up a track to a farm beyond which it became a heavily rutted track which looked like it had been worn by several hundred years of cart wheels.

I turned right on a left bend onto an overgrown footpath leading east which led me down across open land to Putsborough, where I joined the coastal path and started to head west back around Baggy Point towards Croyde.

The sun came out at that point and the beach at Putsborough looked welcoming, if only for surfers!


The path seems to pretty much “hug” the coast, I hope it doesn’t get icy or snow very often as an icy slip would herald a very quick and unpleasant descent to the rocks below.



Alas the rain arrived.


The path continued around the coast (and the rain continued on and off) and finally I could see Croyde beach in the distance.


After a total of 6 miles and around 800ft of elevation I arrived back at the house to find everyone still asleep! Damn, I could have done a longer run!

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