Bushy Park 10 mile training – 24th April 2010

As I had almost 2 hours to kill whilst my 12 year old was at Scouts I headed into Bushy Park as it was just next door. The fact it wasn’t raining was also a big driver for a longer run (we currently have a hosepipe ban due to a drought, even though it has pretty much rained every day since they announced the ban!)

Unsure if it would be muddy I wore my KSO Trek’s and carried a water bottle with a Nuun tablet (Tri-Berry) to see if it made me drink more.

With regard to the route I decided to pretty much run around the outside of the park and cut in to make up the distance as I reckoned even at 70% HR I should be able to get 10 miles in before I had to return to pick up Oliver.

Regarding wildlife, the deer were out as usual and starting to move to their evening places as the park would shortly be closed to cars and I disturbed several green woodpeckers who were rummaging for food in the long grass.

Well the Nuun was a success, after 1 hour I had drunk around 2/3 so had to ease off so I had some left at the end. The electrolyte also helped as I didn’t spend the night “running in my sleep” (and getting kicked as a result) which sometimes happens after such runs.

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