My first ‘Barefoot’ 5k run – 26th April 2012

I had been meaning to test my running “form” for ages, to see if everything was looking good for my Ultra in June, so when It stopped raining and the sun came out I thought I’d give it a try.

I picked up my Luna’s (as backup in case things got ugly) and headed off to do 6 circuits of the nearby roads (5k). That way if it went bad I could drop out and not be far from home.

I started my Garmin and headed off “barefoot” down the road!

The first thing I noticed was the different temperature and texture of the various road surfaces where the road had been repaired at different times.

Lap 1 went ok, so did lLap 2, after which I just kept going, spurred on by a mental picture of Dr Mark Cucuzzella’s impressive barefoot video (except a hell of a lot slower).

Well at 30 minutes it wasn’t the fastest 5k I have ever done, but it was certainly the first I have done completely barefoot!

In case you wondered, no blisters so I must be doing something right!

I’ll try and repeat this once a week, with the aim of toughening up the soles of my feet to reduce the chance of any blisters when wearing my Luna’s on the Ultra in June.



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