Bushy parkrun, training experiments and Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon

Well its been an interesting few days on the running front.

I did a couple of 9 mile morning runs, not fast averaging around 9:30 min/mile. But what was different was that the 2nd run was on Friday morning, the day before parkrun. Now normally I would always leave the Friday free of running (to avoid feeling stiff & tired) as parkrun is my speed session as the rest of my runs (as you can see) are fairly slow as I tend to follow MAF so run to heart rate, rather than speed. Basic principle is as your aerobic system improves you go faster at the same heart rate.

So there I was at parkrun on the usual beautiful Saturday morning (along with 955 other people apparently), having run 9 miles the day before, wondering how I would get on, and I was pleasantly surprised. Although I was nowhere near a PB (which is no surprise as my speed has taken second place to endurance recently, aside from the finishing sprint) but I felt great during the run, legs lungs everything. I came in at 23:10 after a good sprint where I hit 4:08 min/mile pace in the last 100 yards.

This needs further exploring I thought, so on Monday morning I went for a 10 mile run and in the evening I went for an 8 mile run with Phil who was staying over (and I normally do Bath & Bristol Half marathons with every year).

10 Mile Run

8 Mile Run

Again usual speed, no aches left over from the morning run, felt great (even though it was dark, needing headtorches and it rained).

I’m starting to wonder if it is time to start adding extra runs as no sign of any injuries appearing, my Luna’s are still great, feet and legs strong as ever.

I’m now about 6 months away from my “Bucket List” race Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon (CBUM) in Mexico, so I am conscious of the need to start increasing the mileage and particularly adding some hills, as the 50 mile course includes 10,000ft of ascent / descent. This is twice what I had to cope with during “The Wall” Ultra I did last June. I also need to lose at least 1 hour as I took 13 hours to reach 50 miles then as well, and the CBUM cutoff is 12 hours (but not that strictly enforced I am told, but you start to miss the awards and evening celebrations which would be a real shame).

I’d better get back to booking some accommodation and transport to get to the bottom of this 6,000ft canyon  in Urique, Chihuahua, Mexico or else I’ll be sleeping on someone’s floor!

Bushy 8 mile run – 4th March 2012

So with 1 week to go till Bath Half Marathon I had to stretch my legs for a few slow miles, but not too far.

I headed off on Sunday afternoon for a run wearing waterproofs as it had been raining for most of the day and was bound to start again when I was miles away.

It was around 5 deg C and I was only just warm enough with a T, long sleeved top and waterproof so I may have to add a few extras if it is this temperature in my Paris Trail Ultra at the end of the month.


Bushy was gorgeous as usual so rather than just run back through the middle I ran the parkrun course in reverse just to see what it looked like.

One creature didn’t look too pleased to see me so after a quick blurred photo I carried on (those antlers looked sharp).


It was a good run (keeping my heart rate at around 60% results in a 9:45 mile/minute time as I am aiming for a 10:30 mile/min pace for the Ultra) and I’m looking forward to Bath where I will see if all my heart rate driven training (Maffetone) pays off as I really want a new PB of around 1:45 (currently 1:48).