Richmond – Teddington Lock circuit 10 mile run – 13th June 2012

It was 9pm last night before I got out of the house for a run, so it was back to using my head torch again. Oh well I may end up having to use it on my ultra if I slow up too much in the latter stages, anyway so good practice.

I wore my Camelbak, more to carry my waterproof as the sky still looked like it could decide to rain at some time in the next 2 hours. Stuck some tape on the top of my feet (to prevent knot rubbing), tied on my Luna’s grabbed a bottle of Nuun and set out.

I was doing my 10 mile circuit, through Crane Park, along the river to Richmond, over the bridge and back along the river to Teddington Lock where I cross back again and then head back home through Teddington.

I was aiming for around 10:00 – 10:20 min/mile pace which I seem to settle into almost without thinking these days. That level of “autopilot”  is what I’m going to need a week on Saturday if I’m to run farther than I have ever run before, 69 miles!

As it was starting to get dark I wasn’t listening to my usual diet of running podcasts (UltraRunnerPodcast, Trail Runner Nation, Talk Ultra) , though I reckon I can recite Sunny Blende’s (from Chris McDougall’s “Born to Run” book) nutrition interviews ( on running Ultra’s from memory!

I saw a couple of runners on the way to Richmond, but none after that point as it was getting dark and the path to Teddington is very dark in places and wooded. I was grateful for the incredible light from my headtorch ( which gives a powerful central beam and 2 wide side beams which is very useful when you need to see outside of the usual “light tunnel” you get with some lights.

Alas the river had been high recently (and we’ve had lots of rain) so I was having to negotiate my way round lots of mud & puddles, trying to keep from getting mud between my feet and my sandals, as it is the one thing that makes running in them nigh on impossible, as you just slip and slide around on top of the sandal. It is the one reason I will be doing the ultra with my pair of Vibram FiveFingers KSO Trek in my pack, just as a backup in case my Luna Sandals become unwearable due to mud.

Don’t get me wrong I love my Luna’s, and have done trail runs where I have had to run through mud, but I’ve been able to wash off the mud quickly by standing in a puddle (boy do you get some funny looks) or using cups at a water station to wash your feet clean (funny looks there too), but if it is just miles of muddy trails then I’ll switch to VFFs.

I finally got home at 10:45pm, hungry (only had 2 shot bloks) but feeling like I could keep on running.

One week tomorrow I’ll be on the train to Carlisle (I’m taking the slow scenic route over what is considered the most scenic railway in england,, starting The Wall 69 mile Ultra at 7:00am the next day.

Only a week to go, almost time to start laying out my running gear!

Bushy Park 10k training run & hydration – 11th April 2012

One thing I never got round to testing during my training for the EcoTrail Ultra was how much fluid my body actually uses per hour running. So after listening to Nutritionist & Ultra Runner Sunny Blende ( on UltraRunner podcast ( I decided it was time for a test.

I weighed myself naked, went running for an hour, towelled myself dry, had a pee, and then got back on the scales. The result was a weight difference of 0.9 kilograms meaning I had lost almost a litre of fluid in an hour! That was running in the evening, at around 9:45 min/mile, HR of 60% and a bit chilly so I wore Toesox with my Luna’s.

I was a bit shocked, as even on EcoTrail I ran for 7.5 hours, in 22 degrees C, and probably drank only 2 or 3 litres (which may explain a few things alas).

Running “The Wall” 69 mile Ultra in June ( in something like 18-20 hours means I will need to drink a hell of a lot, which is tricky as frankly the taste of water sucks, so I may have to look at Nuuns or something to a) make it taste better and b) get electrolytes back in.

Looks like I’ll be taking a drink with me for all runs an hour and over from now on.